Erasmus Charter HUAJA has acquired in 2011 Erasmus Charter (ID code SK BANSK-S01).
Erasmus Charter

HUAJA has acquired the new ERASMUS CHARTER FOR HIGHER EDUCATION in frame of the programme Erasmus+ in March 2014

Erasmus Charter enables outgoing and incoming mobilities of students and staff in many countries at all partner universities with similar educational study programmes and having Erasmus Charter.

List of Universities with Erasmus+ CHARTER

Erasmus Policy Statement (EPS)

Erasmus Policy Statement

Structure of the Department Erasmus:

Institutional Erasmus Co-ordinator

prof. PhDr. Zuzana Martináková, PhD.:

Departmental Erasmus Co-ordinator

Mgr. Jana Valašťanová:

Accredited Bachelor Study Programmes:
Study field 2.2.3 Musical Arts:
1. Music Performance and Theory (MPT)
2. Music Composition and Theory (MCT)
Study of these programmes are offered in three languages: Slovak, English and German
Bc_HIT_MPT_Course_Catalogue_Subjects and Credits
Bc_HTT_MCT_Course_Catalogue_Subjects and Credits

Accredited Master Study Programmes (
Study field 2.2.3 Musical Arts:
1. Music Performance and Theory (MPT)
2. Music Composition and Theory (MCT)
Mgr.art_HIT_MPT_Course_Catalogue_Subjects and Credits
Mgr.art_HTT_MCT_Course_Catalogue_Subjects and Credits

Study of these programmes are offered in three languages: Slovak, English and German


Language Policy:
Our institution offer the study programmes and course in three languages: Slovak, English and German. In case the student from abroad do not speak any of these languages, we offer 2- month courses in all three languages after demand.

ECTS system:
ECST system allows allocation of credits for graduated courses. The individual subjects are by the relevance of content of the study program divided into three groups:
Obligatory subjects (courses)
Optional obligatory subjects (courses)
Optional subjects (courses)

Way to recognize credits:
1 After finishing the Erasmus student mobility, student submits the Transcript of records to the Study department.
2 The referent of Study department after an inspection within 3 days forward with a recommendation / non-recommendation the recognition of the credits to the Departmental Erasmus Coordinator, who verifies the validity of the document. If the document is not valid or the student did not fulfil the minimum of requirements for graduation mobility, Departmental Erasmus Coordinator chooses individual approach to solve the problem. After consultation with the student and the department of Erasmus partner institution, where he graduated the student mobility, Departmental Erasmus Coordinator find the optimal way to solve the problem positively.
3 Departmental Erasmus Coordinator within 3 days proposes the Vice-rector for Education for recognition of credits of completed subjects abroad.
4 Vice-rector for Education no later than 14 days recognizes the credits and enables to complete the missing credits by graduation other courses in next semester /semesters.

Recognition of mobility achievements for study and traineeships in enterprises:
HUAJA is young institution. In case of the possibility of the student mobility placement and the study and traineeships in enterprises in future we recognise it and help to use the results of the placement in our domestic and international conditions.

Reports and evaluation of Erasmus+ mobility participants

Reports of outgoing students
Projekt 2014-2016
Erasmus správa_Viktor Hárs
Erasmus správa_Csaba Nagy
Erasmus správa_Erik Korec
Erasmus apráva_Diana Minarovičová
Erasmus správa_Fabrizio Ferraro
Erasmus správa_Alexander Simondel
Erasmus správa_Radovan Iglódy
Erasmus správa_Tomáš Javnický
Erasmus správa_David Áron Spischak
Erasmus správa_Zoltán Góra
Erasmus správa, Ľubomír Gašpar

Projekt 2015-2017
Erasmus správa_Klaudia Vašinová
Erasmus správa_Ľubomír Gašpar
Erasmus správa_Peter Tóth
Erasmus správa_Tomáš Javnický
Erasmus správa_Yuk Fan Chan

Project 2016-2018
Erasmus správa_Carlington Codner
Erasmus správa_Klaudia Vašinová
Erasmus správa_Nancy Parra Avila
Erasmus správa_Yuk Fan Chan

Reports of incoming pedagogues
Report_Sandor Pappa
Report Erasmus_Nelida Nedelcut_Music Academy Gheorghe Dima, Cluj-Napoca
VIDEO_prof. Nedelcut part of the lecture 11. 06. 2016
Report Erasmus_Enrico Volpe_Martucci Salerno State Conservatoire
Report Erasmus_Gianluigi Giglio_Martucci Salerno State Conservatoire
Report Erasmus_Luca Andrea Giordano_Martucci Salerno State Conservatoire
Report Erasmus_Antonio Fraioli_Martucci Salerno State Conservatoire

Reports of outgoing pedagogues
Erasmus + správa Miškolc 2018_Adam Marec_HUAJA
Erasmus správa_Adam Marec_HUAJA
Erasmus správa_Zuzana Martináková_HUAJA

Your Question address please at:
Departmental Erasmus Co-ordinator
Mgr. Jana Valašťanová:

For more questions please contact:

Institutional Erasmus Co-ordinator

prof. PhDr. Zuzana Martináková, PhD.:; +421 905 520508