Supplementary Pedagogical Study (SPS)
Important Information

The whole Supplementary pedagogical study is organised in 4 semesters and 220 hours: 100 hours represents the presence form (with pedagogue), 120 hours is realised by distance form and self-study.

Lengh of Study 4 semesters (2 years)
Other Information
Theses to the Colloquial Exam SPS
Thesen_Pädagogik_Psychologie_Allgemeine Didaktik
Theses_Special Didactics_flute
Theses_Special Didactics_recorder
Theses_Special Didactics_clarinet
Theses_Special Didactics_guitar
Theses_Special Didactics_singing
Theses_Special Didactics_jazz trumpet
Theses_Special Didactics_jazz saxophone
Theses_Special Didactics_jazz guitar
Theses_Special Didactics_bassguitar
Theses_Special Didactics_jazz double bass
Theses_Special Didactics_jazz singing
Theses_Special Didactics_jazz drums
Theses_Special Didactics_composition

After actual Directives about fees SPS

Application form

Application Form_SPS final exam
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