Study department


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Dear students, enrollment into  first and all other grades of our accredited study programmes is going to be held at the main academy building (Botanická Milí študenti a prijatí uch). The date is specified in the yearly schedule. Following things are required for you to be enrolled:

  • Your ID
  • Index
  • ISIC or  resp. HUAJA External students's license
  • Enrollment fee during your first year is 120€. This can be paid personally during the enrollment or transfered to our bank account (payment has to be made no later than the day of enrollment).
  • Enrollment fee for other students is 90€ (paid personally or transfered to the school's bank account no later than the day of enrollment).
  • Tuition fee (Bc programms - 2500€; programms - 3500€) can be paid personally or can be transfered to our bank account no later than the day of enrollment. 

You can pay the fees in cash at the Study Department
or by bank transfer to the account:
FIO Banka
Address: Národná 6, 974 01 Banská Bystrica
IBAN/BIC: SK8483300000002600793912

! Each student has unique variable symbol for bank transfers !

Pozn.: Please, do not transfer both enrollment fee and tuition fee ni one single payment. Pay these separately and include a message stating "enrollment fee 2017" or "tuition fee 2017" etc. Be sure to bring the payment confirmation with you to the enrollment or send it to us: