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JAMAA artistic and scientific activities 2009 - 2012

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Artistic and Scientific Research Centre

Ján Albrecht Music and Art Academy Banská Štiavnica has established in Feburary 2011 the Artistic and Scientific Research Centre (ASRC) focused on research in various artistic areas and on presentations of artistic (concerts, performance projects, workshops, multimedia, scores etc.) and scientific results (seminars, conferences, publications, books, CD, DVD etc.).
To the main international activities of Ján Albrecht Music and Art Academy Banská Štiavnica belongs exchange of experiences on the field of art and science on the ground of several bilateral agreements, but also behalf on the personal contacts between the pedagogues and artists from foreign partnership institutions.
Various new educational methods and long-life learning will be developed and leaded by outstanding international personalities with long-term impact on developing study programs and projects, organizing workshops, courses, festivals etc.

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Other activities

Our teachers are participating as artists and scientists on various happenings in Slovakia and abroad.

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