Other forms of study

Preliminary semester

We have prepared for all candidates for bachelor study programmes the Preliminary Semester (or semesters) Preliminary Semester enables to gain the knowledge for passing the entrance exam for the bachelor study.

If you are interested, fill in the application form.

Admission interviews: according to the yearly schedule
Fee for the admission interview: 50 €
Fee for the preliminary semester: According to the current directive.

Supplementary pedagogical study

We offer supplementary pedagogical study. If you wish to learn more about this course, please click this link or the button below.


The whole Supplementary pedagogical study is organised in 4 semesters and 220 hours: 100 hours represents the presence form (with pedagogue), 120 hours is realised by distance form and self-study.

You can download the description of the course with a list of subjects belowe:

More info:
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