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Statement of the Rector of the Ján Albrecht Music and Art Academy Banská Štiavnica

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Countertenor As a professional opera singer, I have many concerts and performances in Vienna and Croatia and sing in a Choir I give several concerts Very satisfied I have learned a lot about vocal technique and improved a lot.

Evgenija I’d like to express my deep gratitude for your invitation to attend regular meetings of graduates and staff of your Academy. I’ll attend them without fail upon reception of your invitation in advance. As for the points mentioned in the Questionnaire I’d like to inform you that I’m the Officer of the Study and Planning Department of the Prayner Conservatory in Vienna, Austria. I’m responsible for the curricula, methodology and organization of study programs for the Prayner Conservatory students. I can carry out my duties and responsibilities in the effective and efficient way due to the high quality education acquired at your Academy. The knowledge acquired enables me to monitror the development of various areas of the Musical Science and to be up to date professionally. As for me I am satisfied very much with the sturdy programmes at your Academy. They have enlarged my musical scope and made me a real professional.

I am involved with music in a position to play as a chamber musician. Musician for Classic Piano. Very satisfied. The knowledge about music that I learned after studying helps me event on my job. Because we enrich communication with musicians and my music activities will be wide. My study here was exciting and motivated for two years in all. It is sometimes difficult to study music from various processes, but as a result it becomes a treasure for yourself, so the program of studying at JAMAA is interesting. I am extremely satisfied as a proposal.

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