Mgr. art. Ľubica Čekovská, ArtD.




Ľubica Čekovská was born in 1975 in Humenné, Slovakia. She studied theory of music at the Academy of Performing Arts in 1993-1998 and composition with Prof. Dušan Martinček. During her postgraduate studies at the Royal Academy of Music in London she continued to study composition with Prof. Paul Patterson and participated in courses with Robert Saxton, Thomas Adès, Arvo Pärt and Harrison Birtwistle

She received the Cuthbert Nunn Composition Prize of the Royal Academy of Music (1998), Lewerhulme Award (1999), Elsie Owen Prize (1999) from the Royal Academy of Music, ISH Foundation Scholarship from H.R.H. Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother (1998–2000) or Ján Levoslav Bella Prize for her composition Piano Concerto (2004, Slovak Music Fund). She was recently awarded by Tatra Bank Foundation Award 2013 for work Four Movements for Piano, or SOZA Award 2011-2012 for International Performance of Slovak works. She is also the author of scenic music composed for various Slovak and Czech theatres as well as of film music. Her compositions were released on various CDs in Slovakia including the own profile CD “Passing Impressions” (Hevhetia). In 2008 – 2018 she became a member of Art Council of the Prague Spring Festival.

Her works were performed at important festivals of contemporary music. In 2009 her composition “Turbulence” was chosen to be performed at ISCM World New Music Days festival in Sweden. In the same year she was commissioned by Slovak National Theater composed her first full/length operatic work, “Dorian Gray”, which was successfully premiered in Bratislava 2013, the world premiere was part of the ISCM World Music Days in Slovakia. In the 2010/2011 season she was a resident composer at the Philharmonic Orchestra Altenburg-Gera.

In 2020 her second full/lengh opera – buffa „Impresario Dotcom“ Fassung fur Bregenz was succesfully premiered in Bregenz Festival.

She received the “Krištáľové krídlo” prize in the music category, she was awarded the prize for her opera buffa “Impresario Dotcom” which premiered at the Bregenz Festival on 20 August 2020.

On 6 July 2021, she received a further award, the Slovakian Minister of Culture’s Prize for 2020. In the decision for this prize, Čekovská’s two operas “Dorian Gray” and “Impresario Dotcom” were particularly highlighted. Further.


  • Arcadia
    for solo oboe written for 200th Anniversary of Royal Academy of Music
    Premiere 20.5.2022
  • A Midsummer Quartet
  • Palingenia
    for large orchestra 20′ PUBLISHER: Bärenreiter
  • Nachtigalls Frühlingslied
    for four cellos, SCORING: 4vc, First performance in Slovakia, 18 Jun 2014, Divergencie
  • Evenodd
    PERFORMERS: Istropolis Quintet
  • Four Movements for Piano
  • Dorian Gray Suite
    PERFORMERS: Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra, Mario Košik (dir.)
  • Theatre Music
    for string orchestra
  • Duo concertante
    for violin and piano
  • Old Town Crime Tales
    DIRECTED BY: Jan Sebechlebský
  • Dorian Gray
    Opera in three acts
  • Stanislav Štepka: Blackout
    DIRECTED BY: Ondrej Spišák, First performance in Slovakia: 6 Nov 2009, SK
  • Concert for Violin and Orchestra
  • Sonata Tensiona
    for piano, 10
    Musica Homonensis
  • Stanislav Štepka: Some like it Slovak
    DIRECTED BY: Juraj Nvota, First performance in Slovakia: 7 Nov 2008, SK
  • famisi
    for piano, 4–5′
  • LaSiFaDo
    for piano, 3′ 48”
  • Lux in Tenebris
    for trumpet and organ, 10′ 41”, PUBLISHER: Bärenreiter, SCORING: tr, org
  • Stanislav Štepka: Great Illusions
    DIRECTED BY: Juraj Nvota, First performance in Slovakia: 14 Dec 2007, SK
  • Táňa Kusá: With mother
    DIRECTED BY: Roman Polák, First performance in Slovakia: 8 Jun 2007, SK
  • William Shakespeare: Othello
    DIRECTED BY: Juraj Nvota, First performance in Slovakia: 20 Sep 2007, SK
  • In Conversation
    for violoncello and bayan
  • Interrupted Line
    for 11 players
  • Roman Polák: Centaurs
    DIRECTED BY: Roman Polák, First performance in Slovakia: 15 Dec 2006, SK
  • As Time Goes By
    common composition of the composers: Ľubica Čekovská, Marius Baranauskas,
  • Movements:
    Aria of Exhaustion for trumpet and bassbaritone solo voice (4–5′), Polyphone Utopie for solo bass baritone (8–9′)
  • Shadow Scale
    for orchestra, 10′
  • Postludium
    for chamber ensemble, 4′ 34”
  • Adorations
    for large symphony orchestra, 14′
  • Kuckucks Winterlied
    for four cellos, 10′
  • Hermann Ungar: The Arbour
    DIRECTED BY: Juraj Nvota, Prvé uvedenie v zahraničí: 11 Nov 2003, CZ
  • Concerto (Two portraits)
    for piano and orchestra, 17′
  • Movements:
    I. (10′), II. (7′)
  • Robert Thomas: Eight Women
    (coauthor of music), DIRECTED BY: Roman Polák, First performance in Slovakia: 16 May 2003, SK
  • The Song
    for cello and piano, SCORING: vc, pf, First performance in Slovakia: 30 Nov 2002, SK
    PERFORMERS: Jozef Podhoranský (vc), Marián Lapšanský (pf)
  • Six songs for soprano and piano
    SCORING: s, pf, Movements: Autumn Song, A Sonnet of the Moon, Dance, The Dying Day, The Storm Wind, At Day-Close in November
    First performance in Slovakia: 30 Nov 2002, Congress Hall, Piešťany, SK, PERFORMERS: Lenka Brázdilíková (s), Mária Heinzová (pf)
  • Cruel Pleasures
    DIRECTED BY: Juraj Nvota
  • Dialogues
    SCORING: tn, pf
  • Today is my first date
    DIRECTED BY: Boris Šima
  • Miss Lonelyhearts
    DIRECTED BY: Juraj Nvota
  • Turbulence Op. 11
    for orchestra
  • Piece for String Orchestra Op. 7
    10′, SCORING: archi,
  • Arctic Descent Op. 8,
    for 12 woodwinds, 8′
  • On First Looking into Chapmans Homer Op. 6
    7′ 30”
  • Fragment and Elegies
    for string orchestra
  • Fragment and Elegies Op. 4
    for solo accordion, 9′
  • One Minute for solo Trombone
  • Composition for Trumpet and Piano Op. 2
  • Dark Op. 5
    for oboe and piano
  • Brown’s Motion Op.3
  • At Day-Close in November Op. 9
  • Der Tod und das Mädchen Op.10
  • Close Harmony
  • Five Miniatures for Piano Op. 1
  • True lovers
    DIRECTED BY: M. Homolová