ZUZANA MARTINÁKOVÁ RENDEKOVÁ: Monography: Dušan Martinček. Personality and Creativity



Monography about  Dušan Martinček is the result of the author's long-term research into his work since her studies at VŠMU in the late 1970s and early 1980s, when she experienced him as a teacher and later, during her studies at the Institute of Arts at the Slovak Academy of Sciences, where she studied the work of Slovak composers, as a person and a friend of extremely beautiful human qualities.

The monography reveals the personality of Dušan Martinček from several points of view – as a composer, teacher, music expert, human being... It contains a family genealogy in which there were such important personalities as the architect Dušan Martinček, the photographer Martin Martinček and his wife fine artist Ester Šimerová-Martinčeková, the Pietor and  Porubjak families, from which several artistic personalities arised.

Thanks to the support of composer Dušan Martinčekʼs wife, the singer and pedagogue Magda Martinčeková, it was possible to publish a substantial part of his reflections and thoughts, captured in his diary memoirs, but also in the notes that make up his two comprehensive studies (Range of Man (Humanity) and Franz Liszt as an Innovator). The book contains the development of his compositional thinking, self-reflection of his work, his wifeʼs confession and memories, reflections and evaluations of such important personalities as Josef Bulva, Ivan Hrušovský, Petr Eben, David Babcock, René Staar, Miloš Jurkovič, Dagmar Zsapková, Jozef Zsapka, Mojmír Hanák, Egon Krák, Jana Kmiťová, Ľubomír Chalupka, Ľubica Čekovská and others. The monography also includes a selection from his rich correspondence, from which the reader will learn about the thinking of many interesting and leading personalities from around the world. At the end of the monography, there is a list of works, recordings and a bibliography.

The author is aware that it is extremely difficult and ultimately impossible to cover the life, work, and wonderful human qualities of Dušan Martinček. However, she believes that, despite this, the monography on Dušan Martinček will interest not only music experts (colleagues, musicologists, composers, students of music-science and music-art specializations), but also those more interested in the life and work of this important personality, who during his lifetime has outgrown the domestic dimension and deserves much more attention than before, not only at home, but especially around the world.

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